Develop Branch 1.0 Is Go!

Greetings! Welcome to the home for the Bastille.ID OpenID Connect Identity Provider Server Project!

The Talegen team has been hard at work getting together the bits necessary to get the project out the door in a functional state to put into a public repository, and we’re now working on getting this home blog operational.

However, let’s discuss what the plan is here…

First, our intention from the start was to provide a freely available OIDC Identity Server that provides a professional out-of-the-box UI experience that can easily and quickly be implemented in a production environment. You just won’t get that experience with the IdentityServer middle ware that this server project is based on.

The Talegen team has years of experience working with the IdentityServer middle-ware, and over that time has built up a core set of business logic around the middle-ware platform to provide an Identity Provider platform that will be competitive to most commercially available products.

Second, our goal was to build a grass-roots ecosystem of support around this project, and so we’re opening the source code up with a simple Apache 2.0 license model. We encourage you to fork it and adopt it within your own products and SaaS environments!

We would love to see community add-ons and feedback!

Bastille.ID is managed through the Bastille-ID GitHub Organization Page and has a single Project that maintains the workload across all repositories related to the project.

Below are some of the core components of the Bastille.ID Identity Server:

Bastille.Id.CoreBastille.ID Common Shared Business Logic Library.
Bastille.Id.ModelsBastille.ID Identity Server Client Models Library.
Bastille.Id.ServerOpen-Source OAuth OIDC Identity Server.
Bastille.Id.AdminBastille.ID Identity Server Administration Portal. Currently Invite/Private

As you may be able to tell, we’re in the beginning stages of getting a 1.0 release out the door. Contributing fixes to the develop branch will get the core server to a point we can do so and start implementing the Bastille.ID server as a service going forward!

Why is Bastille.Id.Admin currently an invite/private repository? We’re looking to build that feature out last and are currently pre-alpha in implementing the code. We’re just not ready to show that to the world. We’re also aware of the IdentityServer team’s desire to implement their own SaaS service including administrative functionality. We’ve been big fans of the open-source IdentityServer projects for some time, and we’re all for them taking the core project and monetizing it, but we’ve been working on this idea for some time before their announcement, and so we plant to continue to work toward a solution that is cost-effective and fair for the entire community which we feel will be a great alternative to their offerings.

To that point, Bastille.ID will be a SaaS service as well. That is, you can roll your own on-prem version or load it into your own cloud, but if you want to simply have someone else handle that infrastructure… we got you!

The plan is when 1.0 is released, to have a publicly available container image on docker hub, which will allow us to distribute the vanilla platform out to anyone who wishes to implement the release bits. Furthermore, we’ll be able to provide a zero-downtime SaaS solution, giving your organization the ability to have a cost-effective, tenant-themed, identity server for a very cost-affordable service fee. Release for this service is soon, and we’re working hard to get this project to that point.

Exciting times! I’m so glad you’ve spent the time to read our kickoff post here and hope you’re as excited as we are about the road ahead for affordable Identity solutions!

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